Thursday, September 8, 2011

Black is Back with Arthur’s Day 2011

Arthur's Day is back again!!

What does it means? Helllooo... It's PARTY TIME again PEOPLE!!!

Are you guys ready?? I am absolutely READY and excited to PARTY all night long with all my friends. YEAH!!!

Date: 23 Sept 2011 (Fri)
Time: 6 pm onwards
Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club

For your info, we are having Taio Cruz performing thay night. Super Awesome!! Can't wait to dance and shout it out!!

Besides, there are 6 talented local music acts – Prema Yin, NakedBreed, Rosevelt, Dragon Red, Jin Hackman (feat. CSBTEA) and James Baum will vie for the opportunity to perform on the global stage with Taio Cruz.

Based on votes online and on ground at various performance venues, Malaysia’s Top 2 favourites will perform at Arthur’s Day 2011, so go and vote your favourite one here

P/S: For your info, this is an exclusive can't buy passes!! Hope Nuffnang will gives me the passes :P Thanks Nuffnang and Guinness Malaysia.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Favorite Smurf

The Smurfs

Yeah!! Smurf It!! At last, it is coming soon... I think everyone is just like me, waiting impatiently for this. Cut the long story short, this is a MUST watch and I confirm that I will watch it!! Smurf it or not??!? Hahaha :P

Which is my favourite Smurf? Of course Brainy!

I think those smurfs can give HCC ( a call and they can surely give the smurfs a ride home to their village.... in a SMURFKY COOL way~~

Honda City Convoy to Smurf Village!! Ready to GO!!

P/S: Soooooo Coooooool ~~

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Rise of Planet of The Apes (2011)

Thanks to, we get to watch the sneak preview of The Rise of Planet of The Apes.

Really a lot of cimpanzees hahaha... and they really very smart.. :P

You can try to see the trailer of the movie in youtube but I really think the movie is great! I don't want to describe too into the storyline but this is really a must watch! Once you watch, you tell me what you think of the movie... It did gave me a surprise at the end.. in a good way :P

I would rank 7.2/10 for this movie.

P/S: Long time didn't watch sneak preview.. Hahaha.. NICE!

Monday, August 1, 2011

DUO Eason Chan 2011 Malaysia Concert

OMG!! He's back!! DUO!!

All the Eason Chan's fans!! Have you gotten your tickets? This concert is a MUST see because he will be singing all the great songs and I believe this concert will be much more exciting and great than all his previous ones...

He will sing all his all time favourite songs and also some VERY famous and hit songs these days... You just can't miss this... honestly!!

Details of the concert as below:

Date: 6 August 2011
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket Price: RM488, RM388, RM288 (Numbered Seat), RM118 (Free Seating)

More concert details, please refer to

P/S: RM118 already SOLD OUT... Act fast..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Detective 2 (2011)

Wow!! Finally, my hubby brought me to watch this movie!! I can't wait to watch The Detective 2 from the day I watched its trailer... even before the launching date of course :P

This show is superb!! It will make your brain eXplode of thinking and keeping up with the investigation with Aaron Kwok.. If you did watched the first episode then it will be best but NO worries... it doesn't impact much..

I would say The Detective and The Detective 2 are both GREAT!! Really love it!!

Just a briefly summarization, great story line, great Thai background music haha, and best actors are all in line :P... It is a detective show... Duh... and it will investigates series of murder cases duh... Eh... but that's all I can tell.. Else, Aaron Kwok will scold me haha :P

Just go go go!! Watch it!! Sooo Goooood!! I would rate 8.2/10.

P/S: It gave me and my hubby so much conversation when discussion back all the crime scene and the hidden meaning of each scene... Hope you guys like it too!!